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Simplenote Export

Simplenote provides an easy export, but the exported file names are actually a Simplenote object identifier of some kind. Not super useful.

The exported note has the note name stored as the first line in the file. You can use a simple PowerShell one-liner to recover your filenames.

Download .zip from Simplenote

Extract to directory

cd to directory in PowerShell and run the following command:

ls | % {$names = (Get-Content $_.name -First 1)+".txt"; foreach ($name in $names) {Renam
e-Item $_.Name -NewName $name}}

As a bonus, if you want to remove extra spaces leftover at the top of the file as a result of the export, you can quickly remove those:

ls | % {(Get-Content $_.name | select-object -Skip 1) | Set-Content $_.name}

There may be a better way to do this - i.e. in a single script or line, but this will get the job done and get it done quickly.

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